Multiphase flows

Besides single-phase flows, MRV enables measurements in multiphase flows. For example, in water-air-flow MRV provides the time-averaged velocity field and concentration of the liquid phase.

Porous media

Porous Media

Depending on the dimension of the porous media, MRV can either resolve the flow field inside the individual internal structures or it provides the mean velocity field of the liquid.

Periodic flows

Periodic Flows

MRV allows phase-averaged measurements in periodic flows at about 70 frames per second for a 2D measurement.

CFD validation

Automated matching and comparison routines of MRV and CFD results offer a fast and efficient full-field validation of numercial methods.




Measurement of millions of vectors of the mean velocity in a 2D or a 3D region of interest within a few hours.


Turbulence quantification by measuring the standard mean deviation of the velocity.


2D or 3D temperature measurements with 1 K accuracy in a range of 10 °C to 70 °C.


Quantification of stationary mixing processes in 2D or 3D.

Research topics and news

New Funding Opportunity for Research Projects at the MRI Flow Lab

The MRI Flow Lab is now listed in the European User Facility Network Catalogue (OFFERR project)

The European User Facility Network Catalogue of the OFFERR project features over 180 specialized laboratories, including several Helmholtz facilities in Germany. Researchers and developers in the field of sustainable nuclear engineering can apply for exclusive OFFERR funding for research activities at these key facilities. The MRI Flow Lab has now been added to this catalogue, which underlines its value for Nuclear Reactor Safety studies as demonstrated in several research projects in the past years. This achievement allows European scientists to apply for OFFERR funding and use the infrastructure of the MRI Flow Lab for their research without further costs. Two options are available: fast-track for up to six months and 50k € or complex projects for up to 18 months and 1M €. The funding is open for proposals that address the strategic research and innovative agenda (SRIA) of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP). For further information on OFFERR and funding, please visit

Three-dimensional measurements of the mean velocity vector in fuel assembly models of pressurized water reactors at the MRI Flow Lab to support Nuclear Reactor Safety studies.

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